A country of starving billionaires


Wonder if anyone can explain how Zimbabwe came to this? Zimbabwe has been led by a Zanu PF government which is proud of it’s performance and management of the country’s economy. But the people say the Zanu PF government has ruined the economy where as on the other hand the government says they are puppets of the west.
Now the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has rewarded the people of Zimbabwe with a new $50 000 000.00 bank note to reduce the number of notes they have to carry around.

We have people like that deputy minister of information who takes advantage of every opportunity he gets to dish to us more of his usual rubbish. People of Zimbabwe know what they want. There are many starving billionaires in Zimbabwe not because of Morgan Tsvangirai, not because of western governments, not because of the ordinary Zimbabweans, but because of the same government he is trying to defend.

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